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MA.MI. 210

mami_2.1Main Features: 
- connection to RS485 Modbus Network
- 2 input (logical or analogic mode) 
- 1 output relay
- 1 input for humidity probe
- 1 input for temperature probe

Main Applications: 
- Control and automation greenhouse
- Monitoring and driving boilers, pumps, irrigation electrovalves, air conditioners and funcoils. 

   EPC 100 (Expansion for Pulse Counters) 

Main Features: 
- connection to RS485 Modbus Network
- n.2 input (logical or analogic mode) 
- n.1 output relay
- n.2 input for link Pulse Output Counter 

Main Applications 
- Monitoring generic pulse counters
- Monitoring gas meter
- Monitoring water meter
- Monitoring energy meter
- Driver electrovalves for gas/water/current flow. 

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